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Do we have a good scope Physiotherapist in India

Hai I am Gnanam. Do we have scope to do Physiotherapist in India. doctor career teacher physician training exercise-physiology

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2 answers

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Prem’s Answer

A career in physiotherapy can lead to a variety of interesting and challenging jobs in the health care system. Physiotherapists get specializations in the areas such as pediatrics, geriatrics, neurology, cardiorespiratory, and orthopedics.

There are tremendous job opportunities in this career. The physiotherapist mainly works in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and private practices. They also work in nursing homes, industrial health units, schools, sports clubs or clinics, the armed forces and universities.

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Sivaramakrishnan’s Answer


Any business/career depends on public will be more successful one of them is medicine. Our country has more population and you can be successful in this path.

Yes You got good value for physiotherapists depends where you learn and practice. If you excel in it you will get famous and will be financially productive as well.