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Career Questions tagged Cricket

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Jonathan May 27, 2022 183 views

Cricket in the USA

How can I, someone with no professional experience, but has been playing for 13 years and actively training get exposure with the national team?

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Karan Jun 24, 2016 1308 views

Which sport(s) should my younger brother consider if he wants to be in sports for a living in the future?

My brother is 5 year old and he is very much fond of sports. It looks like he will make a good sports person. right now he hasn't shown any signs of liking any particular sport. But he is very agile and always in a play mood. What sport should he go for? #sports #football #basketball #athletics...

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Ravi Jun 23, 2016 850 views

What are the standard vital statistics required to become an Athelete.

I am an aspiring Cricketer and want to know the kind of physique required to be one. #athletic-training #athletics #physical-fitness #exercise-physiology #cricket #game-physics

Ravi ’s Avatar
Ravi Jun 23, 2016 1608 views

I am 15 years old and I am a Cricket enthusiast. Hence I want to pursue a career in Cricket. What is the process to get into the national team of India

Aspiring to become a cricketer in the future. Please guide #sports #athletic-training #athletics #sports-medicine #cricket #student-athletes