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Which sport(s) should my younger brother consider if he wants to be in sports for a living in the future?

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My brother is 5 year old and he is very much fond of sports. It looks like he will make a good sports person. right now he hasn't shown any signs of liking any particular sport. But he is very agile and always in a play mood. What sport should he go for? #sports #football #basketball #athletics #athlete #fitness #cricket

3 answers

Gui’s Answer


He is only 5.. Let him just have fun with sports, I mean any kind of sports.. Do not force him.. It will come naturally!!



Any sports. It also matters the place you are currently living and what sports your country and marketing invests in. Like in India, they invest lot of money in cricket compare to hockey and soccer while other countries like US. invests in American football. I am a huge fan of soccer aka football. And it is the one of the most popular sports in the world. I think it will be great if he plays different types of sports and finds which one he really likes and grow from there. Hope this helps !

Henry’s Answer


OK Karan, the first thing you need to know is...does he really love to do sport?

Or that's just your wish?

I know that almost every American guys like sports, from Rugby to Running. If you wish him get health from sports, go hiking. If you wish him get a good habit from sports, go play baseball. If you wanna make money from him by sports, go play basketball.

But Karan, those are MY suggestion. Chatting with him, talking with him, and then listen to the opinion from himself.

I always trust that sports can makes a man, sports can makes money, but the most important thing is... sports makes people HAPPY.

Good luck. :D