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What should i do in college if i love sports?

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5 answers

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Jill’s Answer

Hi Brody,

I was in the same boat when I was in high school. I love sports and played them throughout my adolescence, but knew I wasn't going to play in college. Therefore, I was looking for any way to stay involved in sports while studying, and there are plenty of options!

  1. Start with your school's athletics department. There are opportunities to volunteer and work at onsite athletics' events or supporting specific teams. I personally started out in sports information, but there are opportunities in several different branches of the athletics department.
  2. If you want to include sports in your major, there are plenty of opportunities there as well. Marketing, PR, Business, Sports Medicine, Journalism, etc.
  3. I used my experiences working in the athletics department at my university to help form my career path. I started as a broadcast journalism major, and then switched over to business and marketing as I started interning later in my sophomore/junior years.
  4. Use the contacts you make throughout to help find internships and opportunities during your summer and winter breaks (professors, coaches and administrators).

Jill recommends the following next steps:

Research your college's athletics department ahead of your first year.
If you don't have your heart set on a major, start with some broader courses in business and communications to help narrow your interests.
Contact administrators in the athletics department ahead of your first year to establish a connection.

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Alison’s Answer

Hi Brody - There are a ton of ways to pursue your love of sports in college and in your professional career! In college, you can start by joining intramural, club, or varsity sports. This is great way to share your passion with other people at your school and make friends with people who have similar interests. Additionally, it provides insight to the Athletic program at your university. College athletics is a great career path with many different roles and responsibilities across the organization. Many colleges offer sports management courses that will teach you the skills needed to succeed in the industry! I'd also recommend thinking about what other areas interest you. Like any successful business, athletic programs at the college and professional levels have many different departments (i.e. sales, marketing, communications, event planning, operations, technology, etc.). Finding an area that interests you and then pursuing that within a sports organization can give you the best of the worlds! Good luck :)

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Ty’s Answer

Hey, there are a few options to think about when approaching this question. First try to figure out which sports really interest you. Then try to think about what you could see yourself doing in that field whether it be in youth basketball like running camps, being a scout, video, sales, marketing, community relations, etc. Next, try to align your studies to match one of those fields. Example, if you had an interest on marketing, I would take sports marketing, digital marketing, business to business marketing, marketing research classes to gain the knowledge. And then try to find intern opportunities, more than one, that would help build. Hopefully this is somewhat helpful as these were the steps I tried to use when entering my career.

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James’s Answer

I played football for 18 years, DI and DIII football, and professional.

If you love sports, there is film, photography, media (broadcasting), advertising for sports, group sales positions, there's TONS, maybe you like science and want to be a trainer? My advice, figure out what you like best and STICK TO IT! haha Besides those I've listed you can always coach too.

James recommends the following next steps:

Figure out what you like to do
Reach out to a person in charge of that sector (write a letter, LinkedIn, in person)
Take your shot!

Thanks, now I know what to consider doing since im going to highschool. Ramses G.

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Ravi Kumar’s Answer

Hi Brody,

College is not only for study , Lots of sportsperson have come out of college team and they were able to mange both of them in college and made a big name for them in field of sports .

I will suggest that give your 100 % to the game you love and try to make to college team and then see , where it takes you .