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Jaminder Singh

Techincal consulting Engineer
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Ilicia Mar 16, 2020 515 views

What does your work day look like?

#automotive #cars #mechanic

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Shalini Jan 31, 2018 600 views

What are the frequently asked questions about JEE Advanced 2018?

#jee advanced
#FAQ's #exam #studying #entrance-exam #applications #test

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rakesh May 17, 2016 671 views

what is the use of National Cadet Core (NCC) in the future?

I'd like to practice it.

[P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #career #military

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Ravi Jun 23, 2016 828 views

Is a good height mandatory to become an athelete?

I am an aspiring Cricketer and want to know about the physical fitness of Atheletes #sports #athletic-training #athletics #fitness #physical-fitness #exercise-physiology

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Karan Jun 24, 2016 1268 views

Which sport(s) should my younger brother consider if he wants to be in sports for a living in the future?

My brother is 5 year old and he is very much fond of sports. It looks like he will make a good sports person. right now he hasn't shown any signs of liking any particular sport. But he is very agile and always in a play mood. What sport should he go for? #sports #football #basketball #athletics...

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RAVI Jan 22, 2020 284 views

What are some UGC NET Dec 2019 Result Stats?


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Lucy Oct 24, 2016 1584 views

Will aerospace engineers go to Mars?

It's one of my biggest dreams to have our species one day make it to the red planet, and I'm hoping as an aerospace engineering, I will get to take part in the mission. #engineering #experience #aerospace #nasa #specifically

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Ruqiya Apr 30, 2016 1060 views

To become a Airmarshal then what i study for that

I'm studying class 10 and my ambition is to become a Airmarshal #any

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shahid Jun 03, 2016 875 views

if i take science in my 1st PU can i become an IAS officer

i wanted to know what is important to become an IAS officer easily #ias #expert #officer