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What are the frequently asked questions about JEE Advanced 2018?

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Shalini’s Answer

Most often, the candidates after qualifying JEE Main try their luck in the JEE Advanced to get seats in various IITs.

JEE Aspirants who are applying for JEE Advanced Exam first time, must have many doubts about the exam and its procedures.

Most of the frequently asked questions about JEE Advanced are the ones which are most prominently provided on the official website of the exam as well as in its Information Brochure. But still, the candidates remain unanswered for most of their queries.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions About JEE Advanced 2018 which are generally asked by JEE Advanced aspirants. Hope this will help you to solve your queries about exam.

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Jaminder’s Answer

Here is a link which will provide you frequently asked questions in JEE advance:


Hi Jaminder, Although this link is helpful in addressing the student's answer, responding by simply adding a link isn't the best way to respond. Do you have any additional information you can provide about JEE Advance? Gurpreet Lally