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UGC NET 2018 Exam Dates?

When CBSE will conduct the #ugc NET 2018 Exam? #exam #studying #entrance-exam #applications #test

Hello, Central Board of Secondary Education has announced the notification for conducting the UGC NET 2018 Examination. As per the schedule, the exam will be conducted on 8 July 2018. Aspirants who wish to appear in this exam, should know about all the latest changes made by authorities. Get the complete news from UGC NET 2018 from here - https://www.eduncle.com/cbse-ugc-net-exam To crack this exam, you can take help from top notch study materials like books, notes, previous year question papers etc. Best of luck! ishaan R.

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farkhaleeth’s Answer

The Application form for UGC NET 2020 will be released on 16th March, 2020. UGC NET 2019 Exam Dates for December session has been released. The exam will be held from 2nd to 6th December 2019.