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Test Paper for UGC NET?

I Need some mock test papers for #ugc NET Exam Preparation #exam #studying #entrance-exam #applications #test

UGC NET is a national level entrance exam which is conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education. Through this exam, candidates are awarded for lectureship and Junior Research Fellowship. Candidates who are preparing for this exam will need to have best study material for preparation. The study material can be in any form like – books, notes, question papers, mock test papers etc. Solving UGC NET Mock Test Paper and Previous Year Question Papers can help you to get good rank in the exam You can download the mock test papers from here – https://scoop.eduncle.com/ugc-net-online-mock-test-papers-for-paper1 It also helps to improve your speed and accuracy and you can be aware with the difficulty level of the exam with the help of attempting mock tests. So, Keep Practising! RAVI M.

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Jags’s Answer

you can refer - https://collegedunia.com/exams/cbse-ugc-net/practice-papers