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what is the best part of being a trainer

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3 answers

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Shay’s Answer

Hi Rashad,

I know your question is more about fitness, but I think there's some similarities as a business trainer too!
One of the best things about my job is knowing I am helping others achieve a goal. I have a passion for personal development. In the classroom, seeing someone finally grasp a tough subject is so rewarding because I know I played a part in that. I can imagine as a fitness trainer, watching your client put in the work and become stronger as time goes on is just as rewarding.

The interactions and relationships you build as a trainer, in any field is very rewarding!

Best of luck in your journey!
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Eric’s Answer

I can say the best part of being a trainer is the ability to effect others lives / career. I was a trainer for several years with Verizon. I helped shape the careers of hundreds of employees. I have former students reach out years after spending time in my class. The share with me how I help motivate and inspire them. This gives me a sense of pride. I not only help build there career but i have also made a life long friend.
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Subra’s Answer

As a trainer, you not only help others achieving their goals, but help improve yourself as well. You will also learn various strategies that can be applied depending on the trainees' learning behaviors.

thank you i found the answer very helpful Rashad H.