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What job opportunities are there for retire Navy SEALs?

I want to be a Navy SEAL after graduating from Virginia Military Institute, I became interested in Physical therapy/training after having to go through therapy after two ACL reconstruction therapies. #physical-therapist #physical-trainer #united-states-navy

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2 answers

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Brendon’s Answer

If you're interested in becoming a physical trainer, I'd recommend you research becoming a Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator. They work specifically with emergency response, military, law enforcement.

Here's some information:

Now, if you're interested in physical therapy, go for it. (In theory you could be TSAC certified and licensed in physical therapy.) A Doctor of Physical Therapy program would be an additional 3 years after your bachelor's and a Physical therapist assistant program would be 1 year and significantly less expensive, also pay less, but may be a good supplement to what you'll receive from the military retirement system. (I'm assuming you already have the prerequisite courses completed.)

Here's information regarding becomming a PT/PTA and what to expect as far as income goes:

If you have further questions, let me know!

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Michael’s Answer

I think any job in outside security firm would fit perfectly for a Navy Seal. I know such states as Colorado and Oregon are in great need of security details due to the large amount of cash associated with the legal marijuana business.

Sounds good, thanks! Thaddeus W.