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what are drawbacks of being a physical trainer

I wanted to know what could be some of the bad things that being a physical trainer are. #physical-trainer #athletic-training #sports-medicine

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2 answers

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Jerry’s Answer

Hello Marc,

The top 3 drawbacks I can think of currently would definitely have to the work hours if you are in a true athletics setting such as high school, college or pro sports. Practice and game schedules can get crazy and you will most likely be working 2 hours before games/practices and 1-2 hours after.
Second drawback would be pay-scale, in some settings the paycheck may not be worth it, this varies though as some programs may offer other benefits like medical/CEU reimbursement/certification/convention costs.
3rd drawback would be that it is still a booming career and does not quite hold the respect that other medical professions carry but things are slowly changing and could be a much bigger profession in the future.

Hope this helps to answer your question Marc!

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Tim’s Answer

This is a great field to get involved in. I was an Athletic Trainer for twenty years and enjoyed it very much. Here are, however, some of the reasons that prompted a career change for me.

1. It took a lot of physical toll on me. I stood outside in all sorts of weather on some surfaces that were hard on my body.

2. Huge excitement, itty bitty paycheck. Although it is getting better and the profession is much more scientific and standard based than when I started, it still does not measure up to other allied health fields like physical and occupational therapy.

3. I wanted to spend more consistent time with my family. Many late nights and weekends caused me to sacrifice my availability for family events.

Was some of the sacrifice worth it? You bet. I met some of the greatest people and saw places I never would have had I not been an Athletic Trainer.

Tim recommends the following next steps:

Contact Iowa State University's Sports Medicine Department. I went to school with Mark Coberley and he is currently overseeing the program there. They are among the best and Mark will give you great insight into current issues in the profession.