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James W. Sep 18 38 views

How to make it to the NFL.

My name is James I am in my junior year of high school I once tried football and loved it. #high-school...


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lydarrien P. Sep 18 32 views

What will it take to make it to the NFL?

My name is Ly'Darrien and i would love to know what will it take to make it to the NFL. #football #player...


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daijion C. Nov 14, 2019 140 views
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Noah R. Jan 17, 2018 268 views

How can I become a sports writer or sports commentator?

Because I know alot about #nfl #pac12 and I really enjoy learning about it and reading about it #espn .#sports #sports-writing #writing...


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jimmie E. Jun 22, 2016 415 views
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Ben L. Aug 12, 2016 1101 views

What do you recommend I do to become a professional sports photographer?

I would love to know how to get a job working on the field of a professional sports game (a NFL game perhaps?) as a photographer. I have a passion for sports and I especially love football. It would be a dream come true to photograph games. I am a junior in college at San Jose State. Any...

#photography #nfl #sports #espn #sports-photography #nba

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Ioniko B. May 17, 2016 409 views
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Nathan H. Apr 13, 2016 463 views

What do I need to do to be a good Football player?

I want to be an Football All-Star...


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Jonathan B. Apr 12, 2016 628 views

What level of education do I need to accomplish to become a professional football player?

I enjoy playing football but education matters to me as well. Football is my future and I want to know how many levels of education I need to accomplish to make it....


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Rai'mond H. Oct 28, 2015 630 views

How many players get drafted to the NFL.

Cause I think if they want to sigh up for collage you can live weathy...


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Patrico H. Oct 27, 2015 466 views

how do you increase your chanes of getting in the NFL

Like what gpa would help what drills can you run what collage would be best, which collage do most NFL players get drafted from. If anyone responds thank you for your time...


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Ashton P. Oct 23, 2015 659 views

whats one way i can impress scouts but not be a showboat

because i want too go to a good college #nfl #coaches #players...


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Blake K. Oct 22, 2015 664 views

What do you have to do in order to be a professional football player?

im asking this question because right now my favorite thing to do is play football and I don't think that that will change in a couple years #football...