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Career Questions tagged Nba

aevin’s Avatar
aevin May 17, 2022 255 views

how do i gain confidence so i could preform betterin basketball games when i have no one to work with.

ive been having trouble preforming good in basketball games because i lack confidence and it hurts my preformence in game. how could i stop this so i do better mentally

CamRon’s Avatar
CamRon May 05, 2022 240 views

How can I join the NBA?

How can become a top player in the NBA?

dahmir’s Avatar
dahmir Sep 28, 2021 320 views

what is your daily routine?

i am a freshman looking to make it to the NBA
#nba #lebronjames #nationalbasketballassociation #basketball #athletics #sports #stephencurry

Noel’s Avatar
Noel Jun 25, 2021 275 views

What is your Goals for the Future?

My Goals is to be a acting person and a nba player and Teacher Assistant. #sports#career #nba #acting .

Italy’s Avatar
Italy Jun 02, 2021 322 views

If I don't get into the NFL, what are the chances of working for the NBA or the MLB?

If I can't get into the NFL, I would like to know what my other options are. #nfl #nba #baseball #training #athlete

David’s Avatar
David Feb 03, 2021 309 views

how to Be Nba Star After High School

#Nba Star #sports

R'el’s Avatar
R'el Sep 04, 2020 457 views

How do I become a college basketball coach?

They make good money ova 40k
They keep they body in shape
They get most kids famous
#nba #basketball

Ramses’s Avatar
Ramses Apr 17, 2019 374 views

What are good schools for professional basketball player.


Dorian’s Avatar
Dorian Oct 16, 2018 390 views

I have a dream job of being the NBA commissioner but I am not sure what I should study in college to help me achieve this goal.

I know this is a goal I will have to work to but I want to know where to start. #NBA

mohalime’s Avatar
mohalime Jun 01, 2017 688 views

why would being an NBA player stay around for many years

school work

Ben ’s Avatar
Ben Aug 12, 2016 1697 views

What do you recommend I do to become a professional sports photographer?

I would love to know how to get a job working on the field of a professional sports game (a NFL game perhaps?) as a photographer. I have a passion for sports and I especially love football. It would be a dream come true to photograph games. I am a junior in college at San Jose State. Any...

Ioniko’s Avatar
Ioniko May 17, 2016 925 views

What makes more money NBA or NFL?

I want to be both. #nfl #nba

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Apr 09, 2015 1263 views

How can I become the next LeBron James?

I enjoy Basketball and i would want to become as good as LeBron. #basketball #nba