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Career Questions tagged Nba

Noel C.’s Avatar
Noel C. Jun 25 95 views

What is your Goals for the Future?

My Goals is to be a acting person and a nba player and Teacher Assistant. #sports#career nba acting...

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David M. Feb 03 155 views
R'el C.’s Avatar
R'el C. Sep 04, 2020 244 views

How do I become a college basketball coach?

They make good money ova 40k They keep they body in shape They get most kids famous nba...


Dorian B.’s Avatar
Dorian B. Oct 16, 2018 253 views

I have a dream job of being the NBA commissioner but I am not sure what I should study in college to help me achieve this goal.

I know this is a goal I will have to work to but I want to know where to start....


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mohalime C. Jun 01, 2017 551 views
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Ben L. Aug 12, 2016 1356 views

What do you recommend I do to become a professional sports photographer?

I would love to know how to get a job working on the field of a professional sports game (a NFL game perhaps?) as a photographer. I have a passion for sports and I especially love football. It would be a dream come true to photograph games. I am a junior in college at San Jose State. Any...

nba photography sports espn nfl sports-photography

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James L. Jun 26, 2015 1246 views

What jobs can I get from the basketball in NBA or somewhere?

Because I love to play basketball. Almost no ball no life for me! Although somebody does not look good at me, I just believe myself and trust me. That's all I can do! career jobs...


Gabriel C.’s Avatar
Gabriel C. Apr 09, 2015 977 views

How can I become the next LeBron James?

I enjoy Basketball and i would want to become as good as LeBron. basketball...