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What are good schools for professional basketball player.

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Ramses, one of the best schools, is right in your home town. Marquette! The others are, Nebraska, Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan, Gonzaga, St, Johns, Florida State, Oklahoma State and Tulane. If you want to stand out to scouts, in any sport, HUSTLE! That’s what there looking for. Drink water, before during and after the game. At least 16 oz. each time. Trust me, you will stand out. If you’re still in high school, play every game like there is a scout there. You never know, when one may actually be there. I used to be in the hockey business. And I’m sure that basketball scouting is not much different. Go to http://athleticschorships.net/ If you want to be a professional anything, do not settle for anything less than what you want! All it takes is desire, dedication and determination. Just remember those three things.