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how to Be Nba Star After High School

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3 answers

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Oscar’s Answer

Hi David,

I think the key thing here is if you believe in yourself and coaches believe in your upside then you can totally do it. Put in the practice everyday and really keep yourself determined in achieving the goal you want. Once you're good enough people will notice. Maybe try walking on at a college university and then from there if you play well scouts will notice. After college if you're continuing that path you can go overseas or make it into the G league. One day if your skills continue to grow you can have a chance at a 10-day contract in the NBA and make your way pass them all! The key thing here is to never give up and continue to put in work. We've seen many current NBA players were undrafted and are having great success in the NBA. Some examples include Jeremy Lin and Fred Vanfleet!

Keep on grinding!

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Miko’s Answer

How long have played basketball? Since COVID has hit what other means are using to promote yourself to scouts? How are your grades? Try to focus on college first. If you are a senior in high school you should have a feeling about what college you want to attend. If you have film or you tube videos of yourself playing the sport then start sending it to colleges/coaches. From there you can ask about scholarships! Work on getting into college first and make your mark! Remember you have to crawl before you walk!

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Atul’s Answer

Are you extremely good at this sport?
Has your coach recommended you talk to scout?
Has any scouts approached you?
If the answer is NO - focus on studies and not basketball.
If you are a good player - univ will offer you scholarships.
Out of 480,000 college athletes, only 1 pct make it to pro level.
Translation: 4800 and many do not survive because their knees are already damaged.
Know your limits. There is proverb “Crow should not try to fly like a swan”.
I am not discouraging you but putting you in touch with a reality in 21st century.