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division 1 football

what are the best ways to catch and keep a colleges coaches attention?

Thank you comment icon Honestly, it depends on if you;re talking NAIA D-I or NCAA D-I. I only have worked with coaches from NAIA. What position do you play? What region? Timing plays into it a lot... Gabriel Hennsssey
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1 answer

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Chad’s Answer

First you should consider - Genetics, Speed, Family lineage - all make it easier. You must understand your own limitations. Then you will know if you can catch and keep a college's coaches attention.

Go to the school's website of the ones you are looking to attract attention. What does the current player look like in your position. How do you compare? Are you bigger, faster, stronger than the current player? If not, can you become that before your junior year of high school? If not, you might go to the next level down, and start over.

As soon as you feel you match up, that is when you ask your HS coach to reach out to the college coach about you. Have that conversation with the HS coach, you may need to hear what they say.