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Malaika’s Avatar
Malaika Jan 05 377 views

What can I do to work towards my goal of become a neonatal nurse?

I live in Texas and will be going to University after summer for nursing. I wanted to know if I should maybe look into a summer program. It will also be helpful to list recommendations on what I can do over the summer and what I can do overall along my journey.

nia’s Avatar
nia Jan 06 815 views

How do I qualify to get into a HBCU on a full scholar ship?

I want to go to a hbcu when I go to college but I want to go on a full scholar ship. How would I qualify for that? Is there anything I can do now? Im 15 almost 16 and im a sophomore in hs.

lenny’s Avatar
lenny Nov 21, 2023 403 views

Why do people think that sharks are really dangerous?

A majority of the population think that sharks are dangerous and want to eat humans. but in reality that's not really true.

Madilynne’s Avatar
Madilynne Nov 21, 2023 592 views

How are scholarships awarded to people?

There are people in high school who get scholarships to different schools of their choice because they did something that made them get the scholarship but i am really confused as to how this happens.

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Nov 20, 2023 417 views

How do I find the right college for me?

How do I find the right college for me? I am not too sure what college I want to go to. I want to stay local, but I'm not sure if staying local would be the best thing for my future.

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Nov 02, 2023 353 views

What major was right for you?

Have anyone ever regretted their major or thought that it may not be for them?

Morrigan’s Avatar
Morrigan Oct 20, 2023 976 views

How different is high school from college What are some lifestyle and workload differences? Do you have any financial or time-management tips?

I am a high school senior who is an undecided major. Since I will be moving out, I am worried about managing my life myself. I'm currently in 4 AP classes, so I have a large workload for a highschooler and I'm curious how much college will compare to that.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Oct 19, 2023 439 views

How do I get scholarships in high school for college? WHat scholarships are there for education jobs?

I want to go to College, after High School. I want to go to a nice college. I would like to have a scholarship when I graduate High School. I would like to have a good scholarship.

jaim’s Avatar
jaim Jul 09, 2023 264 views

Why do colleges need GPA

Why is college so competitive using gpa and sat and say why do we need these things to make it competitive and what is the main reason why colleges need it

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Jul 09, 2023 260 views

When is a good time to look at college's?

I don't know when it is appropriate to start looking at college's.

Karena’s Avatar
Karena Jun 06, 2023 456 views

Where to find 2023-24 scholarships?

What are some strategies to locate scholarships for the 2023-2024 school year if my GPA falls below 3.0 but is above 2.75? (local scholarships are welcomed)

grey’s Avatar
grey May 26, 2023 351 views

What's it like as a student in criminal justice?

Hi, my name is Grey and I'm in 11th grade going into 12th grade. I want to major in criminal justice, I just want a better understanding of what criminal justice is just so I know what's involved with it.

Maddie’s Avatar
Maddie May 28, 2023 422 views

How do I pick what to do in college and with the rest of my life?

I am starting my senior year of high school in the fall and I've been thinking about what I want to do in the future. I really love film and I've been interested in becoming a director or cinematographer, however, I've been told that they aren't practical enough. The alternative is...

Ember’s Avatar
Ember May 24, 2023 2377 views

Is it worth going to my dream school if it's gonna give me a lot of student debt?

My dream school is an out of state university with a high tuition. I have a few in state universities that are cheaper on my backup list, but I don't want to give up on my dream school.

popii’s Avatar
popii May 28, 2023 287 views

When should I start looking at scholarships?

When should I start looking at scholarships?