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Dua yesterday 112 views

What do I really want to do?

I am an intern at North Point High School, for Cisco Networking Academy. I am finding a remote job that pays well for a student, while I get the learning I need.

Shamma’s Avatar
Shamma Mar 28 95 views

How to overcome thoughts about "not being productive" during holidays and breaks?

Hi, During the first year of high school, I began having thoughts during winter, spring or summer break about how I'm not being "productive", till now I still get those thoughts and I'm in university. It stresses me out and refrains me from fully enjoying my holiday/break. I'm afraid that these...

Jonathon’s Avatar
Jonathon Mar 26 64 views

How do i find good colleges?

I want to find a college for the performing arts

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana 2 days ago 68 views

After receiving my decision from the university, would I be able to see the amount of financial aid they are offering??

I am exploring the college application process particularly in Texas. I want to know whether we would be able to compare my financial aid offers of all the universities that accepted me?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 15 123 views

Are private colleges worth the cost?

This is part of our professionals series where we ask professionals what they think students should know

Rowen’s Avatar
Rowen Mar 10 159 views

how do I know if a college is good or not?

I am wondering if the colleges I have been looking at are a good education, how would I know this?

Gianna’s Avatar
Gianna Feb 24 124 views

When applying for scholarships, what are some buzzwords to use?

I'm working in applying for some scholarships now, and I was wondering if there are any specific words that colleges look for/like in applications

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Feb 28 109 views

How and when should I get prepared for college application season?

I am currently an 11th grade student in high school and I'm uncertain on where to get started.

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Mar 03 82 views

What is the bestthing to do when applying to college?

As a student that is graduating a year early and also doing dual enrollment I just want to be as prepared as I can be going off and applying to different schools

Jaylin’s Avatar
Jaylin Mar 04 163 views

What is some advice for preparing to pay and go to collage?

I am applying to scholarships with a few websites and and doing community server and I would like to do anything I can to pay and go to collage! I specifically would like to go to school to study in psychology and become a therapist!

Elle’s Avatar
Elle Feb 07 90 views

What was your overall training or schooling like for culinary arts?

Such as the effort, social aspects, tools, and what was your favorite course to take for the culinary arts.

Angie’s Avatar
Angie Oct 17, 2018 450 views

What's the best scholarship website?

I am a mother going back to school and looking for the best scholarships #scholarship

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Fredrick Sep 09, 2022 161 views

How do you start off the day in this career ?

When you start your career how does the day typically start?

Shennaz’s Avatar
Shennaz Oct 11, 2018 372 views

I am looking for information about Career Village scholarships. Please direct me to the relevant web page.

Information from the College Board scholarships list #scholarship directed me to your website.

Lania’s Avatar
Lania Sep 09, 2022 198 views

How long did it take for you to get the pay you felt you deserve?

I want to know how many years it'll take for me to be satisfied and stable with being a LPN. I want my career to be long term, not causing problems financially.