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Kimberly S.’s Avatar
Kimberly S. Jun 02 69 views

What is it like to own a candle business?

I'm interested in starting my own candle business. I'm looking for some advice on how to properly get started. I've been doing some research but I feel like I'm missing some information.

Thank you in advance!!!

Elaine S.’s Avatar
Elaine S. Apr 04 162 views

What exactly is work study/How does it work?

I am an incoming freshman who is potentially going to UCSD in the fall of 2022(majoring in Computer Science). Even though my scholarships and financial aid covered everything for me, I still want to have back ups, like having a job or doing work study. Therefore, I want to know how does work...

Karolina M.’s Avatar
Karolina M. May 31 89 views

In college, can you request courses outside your major that are of interest to you?

I want to be a journalist in the future, but I plan to get a history degree. In my case, would it be possible to request journalism courses/classes?

Freddie J.’s Avatar
Freddie J. May 31 96 views

Can you put community service on your resume or even college application?

I have about 50+ hours of community service and I was wondering if I can use it for resumes and even college applications. Does it count as extracurricular activities or does it entirely depend on the project that I was working on. I was reading question about this and I remembered that I...

christopher P.’s Avatar
christopher P. May 12 157 views

What if people want volunteer as well as landscapers?

Will other people might take the chance of being a landscaper there self? First time Landscapers will maybe enjoy of what it takes to be landscaper?

savion H.’s Avatar
savion H. May 10 126 views

how to get a good /decent job at a young age

like a job thats you can work at after school hours and still make it to school the next day

Katarena C.’s Avatar
Katarena C. May 05 127 views

How do I combine arts and math in a career.

Art and math are my favorite classes so I want to find a way to combine them for a career.

Alicia A.’s Avatar
Alicia A. May 12 141 views

If I attend community college will I be able to take classes online?

I'm interested in attending south mountain community college.

Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. May 13 152 views

How to ask a recruiter about multiple applications?

I recently applied to a company for 3 different positions. However all of these positions are UI/UX designer/researcher roles. They all had what I was looking for in a position so I applied to all 3. It hasn't been two weeks yet but I recently connected with a recruiter from the company on...

Kai G.’s Avatar
Kai G. May 13 140 views

Will nursing help me change as a individual ?

how will it change me

amir B.’s Avatar
amir B. May 05 158 views

is it too late to start looking at colleges at the end of you junior year?

is it too late to start looking at colleges at the end of you junior year?

Dilyara G.’s Avatar
Dilyara G. Apr 02, 2020 334 views

How to successfully apply for scholarships?

I am a first generation immigrant and moved to United States at the age of 19, I am currently 34, I am a female and do not have a family. To pursue a higher education was always a dream of mine , however I didn’t have a chance to do so. I’ve completely a cosmetology program and now working on...

Mireia R.’s Avatar
Mireia R. Jan 25, 2018 9392 views

If you could redo college, what would you do differently?

#college #college-major #college-admissions #college-advice ##college #college-bound #college-recruiting #colleges #university #user-experience #nursing #teaching #education #psychology #computer-science #science #stem #engineering #accounting #business #college-counseling #lawyer...

Tayyab N.’s Avatar
Tayyab N. Feb 22, 2020 315 views

i need a job

im a undergrad student at york university #student #college #job

Vilma K.’s Avatar
Vilma K. Mar 17, 2020 360 views

How will this virus affect my chance at getting an on campus job (especially if my financial aid package could change)?

I know that I will need to work a lot on campus. Will I be able to?
#financial-aid #college #finance #scholarship #scholarship #COVID-19