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Clarissa V. Mar 17, 2014 872 views

What are some good colleges if i want to major in sports medicine

im really interested in sports and things in the medical field and i would really like to work with athletes medicine sports athletics...


Darren B.’s Avatar
Darren B. Apr 07, 2014 1044 views

How do you go about the process of becoming a basketball scout for the NCAA or NBA level?

I'm a Junior in high school and I love all aspects of basketball. To be able to report the strengths and weaknesses of a player that could potentially help a team is exciting to me. basketball athletics...


Jordan R.’s Avatar
Jordan R. Apr 13, 2016 803 views

What are the odds that someone 5'6 100 pounds makes it to the Nba?

Currently now as a sophomore I am 5'6 100 pounds and I would like to know my odds of making the nba...


Clay B.’s Avatar
Clay B. May 12, 2016 796 views

Is it difficult to find a full-time job with a major in sports mangement?

I plan on majoring in sports management. I would like to know how difficult it is to find a job as a coach, event coordinator, sports team manager. I also would like to know what careers I can pursue with a degree in Sports Management. business management sports degree...


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Jackson V. Feb 09, 2017 509 views
Tiffany R.’s Avatar
Tiffany R. Aug 25, 2018 514 views

What are some keypoints to obtain when choosing a career path?

In my case I want to stay in the field of banking, and struggling to plan out my career path to farther more in the financial institution field. banking career...

Andy M.’s Avatar
Andy M. Mar 18, 2019 256 views

What did you have to do to go D1 or D2 playing football and then making the NFL? #football

I can catch and throw. My freshman year I threw about 1,500 yards and 19 throwing tds and 6 interceptions and took my team 7-3. athletics...


Sabrina E.’s Avatar
Sabrina E. May 29, 2020 255 views

What kind of things/classes should I be taking if I want to be a lawyer?

Hi! My name is Sabrina! I am currently a 9th grader! I want to be a lawyer when I finish high school!...


Jessica H.’s Avatar
Jessica H. Jul 10, 2020 273 views
Jenny N.’s Avatar
Jenny N. Jul 31, 2020 373 views

Do I need a license to work in the Insurance field?

I am currently in my second-year of post-secondary in the insurance field. However, I am not too sure if I need some sort of license after I graduate or if a bachelor's degree is good enough. In addition, if I do need a license, can I just do the license while I am still in school? Or do I have...

underwriting riskmanagement claims insurance broker canada july20

Aldair L.’s Avatar
Aldair L. Jul 31, 2020 275 views

How much time should I realistically spend studying in college?

Im going into college next year (2021) and right now during high school I don't spend a large amount of time studying. I wanted to know so I could start changing my habits during my last year of Highschool. general JULY20...