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Career Questions tagged Enforcement

Dominiq’s Avatar
Dominiq Jun 04, 2021 269 views

How do you get into law enforcement?

My dream goal is to get into the NFL but if that doesn't work out, I plan to go into law enforcement. From there into the FBI. #NFL #enforcement

Erica’s Avatar
Erica May 20, 2021 370 views

I want to be an defense attorney, Do I have to become a prosecutor first?

I have been in the law program since 6th grade I've always known what I wanted to do. I was hoping I didn't have to be a prosecutor first because I want to help innocent people stay out of jail. #law-practice #law-school #enforcement #lawyers #law

Charles’s Avatar
Charles Mar 18, 2021 425 views

Do you need to go to college to be a police officer?

I like law enforce things #pol #enforcement

oriana’s Avatar
oriana Aug 02, 2020 1970 views

What does the BAU actually do?

Okay- I admit I've been watching a little too much criminal Minds- but I was wondering what they actually do. I find interesting- "profiles." I think that it's a great tool to really get into a criminal's minds- no pun intended. I've watched my fair share of law enforcement tv shows- and they...

Jayla’s Avatar
Jayla Aug 18, 2018 355 views

Do you have any academy that you would recommend for law enforcement?

My name is Jayla and I am currently in the 8th grade. have been looking at an academy in Georgia but i am not positive that is the one I want to attend. I would like to work as an officer in Texas. THANK YOU! #law #enforcement

Montana’s Avatar
Montana Oct 27, 2015 987 views

What type of training would I have to go through if I was going to be a detecive?

Hello my name is Montana Goodman and I am in 6th grade. I know what type of training police officers have to go through I am just not sure if detectives have to go through the same type of training if not more then police officers have?
#law #detective #enforcement

Montana’s Avatar
Montana Oct 23, 2015 1130 views

As a detective would I have to go through different stages in law enforcement?

My name is Montana Goodman and I am looking into being a detective. I was told that if you wanted to be a detective you would have to be an officer of some sort. I am not really that sure if it's true or not? #law #enforcement

Malberto13NFTEBOSS’s Avatar
Malberto13NFTEBOSS Jan 19, 2012 4392 views

how much money does a rookie cop make a year?

i am in 11 grade at boss. i would like to be a cop when i i get older, but i wanted to know how much money does a rookie cop make a year #law #enforcement