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Career Questions tagged Athletic Trainer

Kaelyn’s Avatar
Kaelyn Oct 12, 2021 350 views

How would evaluate a patient's readiness to resume physical activity?

I am a freshman in high school and I am interested in being an athletic trainr because of my love for sports and soccer.
#sports #soccer #athletic-trainer

Yura’s Avatar
Yura May 02, 2018 1891 views

Is it possible to become an Athletic Trainer and a Physical Therapist?

My goal is to be a professional in sports medicine field. I came from another country to learn sports medicine as I want to become an Athletic Trainer. I know it is pretty hard since I am a second language learner, however I am also interested in nutrition, physical therapy, and...

junior’s Avatar
junior Jan 17, 2018 544 views

how can i become a athletic trainer?

because i what this for my career also i like health i like to help people with injuries #medicine #athletic-trainer #sports #athletes #physical-therapy #athletic-training

Branisha’s Avatar
Branisha Aug 31, 2017 711 views

As an athletic trainer, what is the feeling you get when you rush on the field or court to help a player?

I would love to be an athletic trainer. I want to help players recover faster and find ways to prevent injuries. #athletic-training #athletic-trainer #physical-therapy