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Is it possible to become an Athletic Trainer and a Physical Therapist?

My goal is to be a professional in sports medicine field. I came from another country to learn sports medicine as I want to become an Athletic Trainer. I know it is pretty hard since I am a second language learner, however I am also interested in nutrition, physical therapy, and orthopaedic/sports doctor. Becoming a sports doctor might be impossible, so I was thinking about majoring in kinesiology and have a minor in nutrition (4 year university), but if it is possible, I would like to become both an athletic trainer and a physical therapist. I am currently in Community College with Kinesiology major. The hardest point here is I am 23 yrs old and have a 2 yrs old son. I really want to be woking for patients and athletes. Is it possible for me to get double licenses? If so, after I finish BS in Kinesiology, can I apply for DPT? Sorry for complicated details.
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3 answers

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Carrie’s Answer

Yura P. - Absolutely. There are quite a few individuals who are "dual credentialed". While it is possible and beneficial to hold dual credentials you may not be able to complete them at the same time. Typically, individuals complete one degree, use that degree to work for a few years, then go on to pursue the other degree. One benefit of being dual credentialed is that you have the opportunity to market yourself across more job settings compared to someone with only one credential. Be sure to read more about each credential for : Physical Therapy = http://www.apta.org/ & Athletic Training = https://www.nata.org/ .

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Jeremy’s Answer

I went to Indiana University where you could become a certified athletic trainer through an undergraduate program: http://www.publichealth.indiana.edu/program-areas/athletic-training-undergraduate/index.shtml

After completion of that program you could apply for a DPT program Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Of course you can spot my bias because its my alma mater but you would be looking at the minimum of 7 years combined.

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Brian’s Answer

Yes, you can become both an AT and a PT, but each require different schooling and credentialing processes. There are both undergraduate and graduate programs in athletic training currently, but the undergraduate programs are phasing out. This means earning a master's degree in athletic training. Physical therapy is a professional doctorate program. Both require a bachelor's degree first. Kinesiology is a good major for your undergrad.