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As an athletic trainer, what is the feeling you get when you rush on the field or court to help a player?

I would love to be an athletic trainer. I want to help players recover faster and find ways to prevent injuries. #athletic-training #athletic-trainer #physical-therapy

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Christina’s Answer

Hi Branisha! The feeling you get when you're a student vs when you are certified are completely different or at least from my personal experience. As a student, you have a preceptor that will be doing most of the work during game days but during practice, depending on the severity of the injury, they will allow you to act as the one who is certified but with supervision. Getting back on track, as a student you feel a little more calm but still nervous none the less since you are still gaining the experience you need. As a certified athletic trainer however, I was extremely nervous when I was on my own since I had x number of years under someone else's wing. The more you get into the swing of things the more collected you are. Nowadays whenever I see one of my athletes go down, I run through different scenarios that could occur but I always try to remind myself not to get nervous because if you are nervous, your athlete will get even more nervous or anxious than they already are and that is never a good thing. The whole rushing out onto the field or court though gives me a mixture of nervousness and excitement, an adrenaline rush of sort. If you have the opportunity to do observation hours at a nearby college or high school, I recommend going that route just so that you can be sure that athletic training is what you truly want to do.