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Christina Nguyen

Healthcare Support Occupations - Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
New York, New York
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Michael’s Avatar
Michael Mar 07, 2018 585 views

How do I become a sports medicine therapist?

I want to know what I need to major in, what degree, how long, and what schools can I attend
#sports medicine therpist

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Jan 20, 2018 996 views

Being a student athlete?

I'm starting college in Fall 2018, and I'm going to be playing Division 1 soccer at the school. I was just wondering if anyone has advice or any tips that would help with time management?
#sports #soccer #time-management #life-balance

amy’s Avatar
amy Oct 12, 2017 787 views

What should my schedule be as a freshman in college to best utilize my resources?

I am currently a senior, and wondering about college classes. #college-advice #college-admissions #college #student-counseling #freshmen #classes

Garima’s Avatar
Garima Oct 14, 2017 1274 views

How do you deal with people who tell you that you can't do this job/career?

As a women and a person of color how do you handle oppression, discrimination and comments of people/society tell you that don't do this, you can't handle this because of your gender and culture? #equal-opportunity #cultural-diversity #gender-discrimination #employment-discrimination...

Branisha’s Avatar
Branisha Aug 31, 2017 1049 views

As an athletic trainer, what is the feeling you get when you rush on the field or court to help a player?

I would love to be an athletic trainer. I want to help players recover faster and find ways to prevent injuries. #athletic-training #athletic-trainer #physical-therapy

derek’s Avatar
derek May 24, 2016 944 views

What do you think is better -coaching an unknown college or high school in the US to gain experience or coaching a pro team in another country?

I want to be a professional basketball coach #basketball #coach #sports #athletics