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What should my schedule be as a freshman in college to best utilize my resources?

I am currently a senior, and wondering about college classes. #college-advice #college-admissions #college #student-counseling #freshmen #classes

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2 answers

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Taylor’s Answer

Hi Amy, thanks for submitting a question! I think Christina's advice is on point and I'd have to agree with her. It depends on your major, if you know what it is yet, and it depends how your college program is setup. When I went to freshman orientation, I was put into a group and we had student advisers walking around to try and help us plan out our schedule--it was very helpful to have another student's perspective. Many colleges have student ambassadors and helpful advisers that could sit down with you to help figure this out. Try reaching out to your school and asking some of these questions. I wouldn't recommend picking the classes for your first semester by yourself; I'd definitely say you'll need some guidance. Make sure to have a mixture of difficult and lighter courses too as it'll be a different change to adjust to college life as well!

I hope this helps and best of luck to you!

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Christina’s Answer

Hi Amy. It honestly depends on what you are planning to major in. A lot of colleges have a plan of study that acts as your guide. If you don't have a major in mind, I recommend taking your general requirements now just to get them out of the way. I would look into the schools that you want to go to and then looking at their major's plan of study. This would be the best way.