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What programs could you join to become a youtuber?

I'd like to go to college and I know you don't need to go to college to become a youtuber but I just want to go for back up just in case it fails #youtube

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5 answers

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Rohit’s Answer

Following programs can help:

Media and Communication

Film Making/Editing

Story Telling


You also need to decide on the field you have to choose for youtube videos, all youtubers have their own strong field of interest in which they are masters. Build your capability into what you want to showcase on your youtube channel

Rohit recommends the following next steps:

Film Making/Editing
Story telling

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Gouthamraj’s Answer

If you're willing learn online yourselves, there are many courses in skillshare(premium, but free for a month) which describe how to acheive your goal. Happy Youtubing!

Gouthamraj recommends the following next steps:


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Chandrashekar’s Answer

Following are the few skills you may required to gain to be a better youtuber.

  1. Photography.
  2. Film editing.
  3. Story writing.
  4. Acting skills.
  5. Good communication skills.

Once you have the above skills you may start a youtube channel and upload your videos. Also you can ask viewers to subscribe and like the videos to gain more users to your channel.

Hope this answer helps you.

All the best!

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Aman’s Answer

You do not need to do any program as such to be a youtuber, you just need to show your talent or skills.

Can be but not limited to: Comedy, story telling, Gaming, cooking, playing music instrument, reviewing movies/drama/products/cosmetics/gadgets, travel blogger etc. etc.

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Deepali’s Answer

  1. Start With a Good Vlogging Camera. (Find someone who can shoot your video)
  2. Create a YouTube Channel. (And ask your friends to subscribe for it and share with others)
  3. Film a Vlog. (You can film a vlog on any topic that interests you)
  4. Edit Your Vlog. (Try to find a friend who is good in editing photographs and videos - Take their help!)
  5. Upload Your Vlog to YouTube. (Ask people for feedback and try to make a better video next time)
  6. Promote Your Videos. (Ask your friends, colleagues, etc etc to subscribe and share, you can also subscribe for pay and advertise)
  7. Keep Going!

Try try try until you succeed. :) All the best!