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Trying to enter the field of Urban Planning

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I am 16 years old and in my second semester of college! I am interested In entering the field of urban planning but more on a larger scaler with large cities and possibly even internationally I am trying to learn Spanish and I already know a good amount of French ( I am thinking of moving to Europe). I am trying to purse a masters in urban planning and I wanted to know more about what under graduate degree would be the best for focusing on sustainability and making cities more green! Also what kind of life will this entail and does this sound reasonable.
Tips are welcome #engineering #urban-planning #sustainability

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Jeffrey’s Answer


Good morning, You have pretty good foundation to start urban planning and on a track to reach that goal. There is more than engineering when it come to urban planning. As an engineer in that case you will design highways,streets roads and retention areas for storm water. Layout city,county plans to determine growth. The other side is architecture in urban planning and design.Architects design and deploy the sustainable practices or LEED design.

You are on the right track, just determine what part of urban planning and design you are interested in. Good luck on your future endeavors!