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Career Questions tagged Urban Planning

Cameron’s Avatar
Cameron Jan 12, 2019 422 views

Trying to enter the field of Urban Planning

Hi, I am 16 years old and in my second semester of college! I am interested In entering the field of urban planning but more on a larger scaler with large cities and possibly even internationally I am trying to learn Spanish and I already know a good amount of French ( I am thinking of moving...

Lok Yin’s Avatar
Lok Yin Feb 24, 2018 493 views

Is GPA important?

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Urban Studies. I am now taking a course, which is Urban Economics Studies Since I didn't study economics in High School, I don't really understand in it. Also, I find myself more interested in Spatial planning, but not in urban economics. So should I...

Caitlyn’s Avatar
Caitlyn Jan 16, 2018 405 views

Will pursuing a related degree in urban planning such as public policy as an undergraduate put me at a disadvantage in graduate school to those that studied urban planning?

Most of the colleges nearby me only offer a graduate program in urban planning but I have the option to go to a more expensive school that would offer it as an undergraduate degree. #urban-planning #college-major #graduate-school

Nishant’s Avatar
Nishant Mar 14, 2017 717 views

How recent graduate should find job in civil engineering in Vancouver?

Hi, I did my undergrad in civil engineering from India and right now I am doing Applied Planning program in Vancouver and I am new here. There are lot of questions that are crossing my now like: 1. If I wanted to pursue my career as civil engineer, what are the job opportunities for recent...

robert’s Avatar
robert Aug 30, 2016 695 views

How difficult is it to double major in two oppposite fields?

I'm graduating high school this year and I want to be an urban planner. I was going to major in geography (for my career), but I also have a passion for theatre and music, so I was going to major in musical theatre as well with a minor in something like public administration/communications,...