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Is GPA important?

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Urban Studies.
I am now taking a course, which is Urban Economics Studies
Since I didn't study economics in High School, I don't really understand in it.
Also, I find myself more interested in Spatial planning, but not in urban economics.
So should I focus on my interest? I am worry that if I perform bad in the exam of Urban Economics, my GPA would be affected.
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3 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Is GPA important for what? Getting scholarships? Getting into the Honor Society? Getting into graduate school? Jobs? Yes, to all the above. However, one lousy C isn't going to do you in. With Urban Planning, you need to understand Economics. You need to understand how the money flows. Urban Planning does not happen in a vacuum. Look for some study assistance from the University Learning Lab. Use on-line resources. That's what I did last semester. I was having trouble with Administrative Law. The Professor did not present the material in a way it made sense to me, and the book was equally dry. So, I found on-line help, including videos of the cases we were studying. I also made flow charts to help me understand the various legal standards that had to be proven in presenting a case.

It is your responsibility to find a way to learn. If you go through life dodging that which is hard, it will hold you back. For example, some people who are otherwise bright, dodge public speaking, and never advance nearly as far as they would have if they had learned to do it. When something is hard, work on it when your mind is fresh. Don't put it off till the last minute because you dread doing it. Commit extra time to it.

I once had a job where I was required to drive on runways. I was terrified. My training had been minimal. I was having to communicate on the Air Traffic Control radio, using their lingo. I finally decided I would spend some extra time driving around out there , and talking on the radio. I got so good at it, I was given the assignment to train all new personnel on runway driving.

All I'm trying to say is, yes, you can do it. Life is going to be full of hurdles. Don't let them stop you!

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Austin’s Answer

Short answer is yes, GPA is important. Many employers require a minimum GPA that they want to see and even if you are the best in your field, you may not get that interview despite your stellar resume all because you didn't meet that GPA requirement. I was an International Affairs major in undergrad and had to take microeconomic and macroeconomics my first year despite never having taken an econ course in high school. I took micro first, didn't really apply myself, and paid the price as it brought down my GPA. When it came time around to take macro, I decided that despite not liking it and really having a hard time, that I would apply myself and try my best and it paid off.

There will be plenty of times in college that you'll have to take a class or complete an assignment that isnt your favorite and that you will struggle with; but as a students its our job to overcome those hurdles. In life there will be times that you have to do something that you don't like or struggle with, but hardship is just part of life sadly. College is a great time to develop those healthy habits which will prepare you for successful adulthood. It may seem pointless, difficult, or scary to really apply yourself in that class, but you got this!!

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Cheang’s Answer

Hi Lok,

GPA is one of the method to measure your result in college, just like the report card in high school. In briefly, GPA is pretty important for us to find job, let says if two candidates apply the same job. One of the candidate GPA result is 3.7, another candidate is 2.0, but they get the same skill and background, which one would you like to choose ? With no doubt I think you will pick the candidate who get a higher GPA right? However, GPA does not mean everything because many things cannot be measure by GPA like you character and your background.

Base on your case, if you want to working in finance or economic aspects, this kinds of industry may need some requirement or knowledge skill because this industry are professional . You need to work hard in order to achieve your goal if you really want to work in that kinds of domain. Hope this help !