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Lok Yin Jan 23, 2021 646 views

How to figure out my career patheay?

I am a university student studying in Hong Kong. My major is urban studies, which is about issues in urban design. However, I have poor performance in academics and low GPA. For my working experience, I have worked as part time assistant in heritage organisation, property management intern ,...

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Lok Yin Jan 21, 2021 548 views

How to make use of my extended college year ?

I am a university student in Hong Kong. Recently I have failed in completing my thesis in order to graduate. The general office of my major has informed that I have to extend my study period in order to retake this subject. I am quite worried as I am afraid that I would waste a lot of time,...

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Lok Yin May 06, 2020 1337 views

Steps to become a landscape architect

I am interested in the job of landscape architect. While I don't acquire a design or architect relevant degree And I major in Urban Studies. Should I get a master degree of landscape architect or to work for relevant jobs? #architect #architecture #career #master #career-counseling #pathway...

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Lok Yin Mar 31, 2018 1995 views

How to write cover letter?

I am planning to apply for a summer intern in Non-governmental organisation(NGO). However, they usually would not post recruitment notice. So how should I start in the opening of the cover letter? #ngos #cover-letters ##job-offer #human-resources #summer-internship #summer-jobs...

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Lok Yin Feb 24, 2018 726 views

Is GPA important?

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Urban Studies. I am now taking a course, which is Urban Economics Studies Since I didn't study economics in High School, I don't really understand in it. Also, I find myself more interested in Spatial planning, but not in urban economics. So should I...