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Lok Yin C. Mar 31, 2018 474 views

How to write cover letter?

I am planning to apply for a summer intern in Non-governmental organisation(NGO). However, they usually would not post recruitment notice. So how should I start in the opening of the cover letter? #ngos #cover-letters ##job-offer #human-resources #summer-internship #summer-jobs...

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Edgar L. Mar 14, 2018 389 views

What are Do's and Don'ts for my LinkedIn account/Resume/Cover Letter?

I am preparing to hunt for Internships and want to catch the companies attention. I could use all the insight possible. #linkedin #resume #public-relations...


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Ethan G. Jan 06, 2018 367 views

How should I go about preparing a cover letter?

As I've applying to different internships, I've found that not all internships require a cover letter. Nevertheless, everyone keeps telling me I should still submit one with my resume, but I've never written one. What should I make sure to include in my cover letter?...


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Ben L. Oct 02, 2017 831 views

How do I write a good cover letter?

I am applying to a bunch of internships for summer 2018 in the Advertising, Marketing, or Communications fields. If you have any advice that will help me land an internship in one of those fields please let me know! #cover-letters #resume #marketing-and-advertising #communications...


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Kira N. Jul 19, 2016 1115 views

How do you write a decent cover letter?

I need to build my resume and make it complete and professional. #resume #resume-writing #cover-letters...


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Gabriela C. Dec 14, 2016 640 views

What is a cover letter ?

There are so many mixed reviews about including a cover letter , and i do not know if that is something I should include with my resume and if it is what is it ? #resume #cover-letters...


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Jackie G. Jan 12, 2017 2960 views

What information should I include in a cover letter?

When applying to a job that requires a resume and a cover-letter, what information should I include in the cover letter so that I don't 'repeat' what's on my resume? #college #career #internships #interviews #volunteering #cover-letters...


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Albert P. Jan 16, 2017 655 views

What is a cover letter, and how do you write an effective one?

I am currently applying for internships online, and along with my resume, they often ask me to include a cover letter. I am not sure how to write one, or what it should be about. What do I include in the cover letter? Is there a general format to follow? #college #computer-software #internships...

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Kristen K. Apr 04, 2017 831 views

How do I write a meaningful cover letter?

I'm having problems drafting cover letters for potential employers. I don't know how to start the letter in order to grab their attention, and I don't know how to talk about myself without sounding like I'm tooting my own horn a little too much. Any advice would be appreciated! #college...

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Sharon T. Jan 26, 2017 790 views

How long should a cover letter be?

In writing a cover letter, how long should it be? It seems like for the most part, a cover letter should be no longer than one page.. are there exceptions? #job-search #interviews #cover-letters...


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Jackie G. Jan 12, 2017 567 views

How to write a statement of purpose when applying to college programs?

I am applying to a post-baccalaureate medical program which requires a pre-application including a statement of 'what prompted your desire to pursue medicine now.' Is there a formula for writing these statements? Should I write it like a cover letter? Should I be creative and tell a story? What...

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Shakuan F. Jun 12, 2016 816 views

What is a cover letter, and why are they important?

I have created and re-created many resumes, but I never created a cover letter. What are their purpose, and why are they important? #job-search #resume #cover-letters...


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Sabine D. May 23, 2016 567 views

What are your recommendations to have in a cover letter?

What information should be included, how long should it be, and what is the main goal? #resume...