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How do I write a meaningful cover letter?

I'm having problems drafting cover letters for potential employers. I don't know how to start the letter in order to grab their attention, and I don't know how to talk about myself without sounding like I'm tooting my own horn a little too much.
Any advice would be appreciated! #college #career #cover-letters

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5 answers

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Robin’s Answer

I have a similar hard time talking about myself so I tend to focus on the company. What is it about the company that draws me to this job. What skills do I have that I see are a good fit. If you talk about them, they know you've done your homework and really care about your fit within the company.

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Simeon’s Answer

Usually, your cover letter is supposed to be brief and mostly explain your interest in the opening and in the company itself. Try to keep your cover letter to five sentences or less. Also, try not to be super dramatic about how much you'd love the position and how it'll fulfill your wildest ambitions. Instead, keep it pretty contained and professional. The cover letter is more of a warm-up/opener to the resume and isn't supposed to be the focal point of your application.

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Amanda’s Answer

Kristen, you have a wonderful opportunity to do some story telling on your cover letter.

To start the letter you can express your interest in the position, connect the organization's mission to your professional goals, and affirm that your background and skills closely fit the qualifications outlined in the job description.

After you provide that brief introduction which explains your interest for the position and the organization, you can base the second paragraph on your current role, internship, volunteer or school/club assignment. Explain what your role is, your major responsibilities and/or your favorite responsibilities, the goals of your organization/program/club, and what you have accomplished for the organization.

Lastly, the closing section of the letter should touch on your next steps. Explain that you are excited to speak in greater detail about your experiences. Tell them you would like to learn more about the role. Thank them for their time and consideration. Leave them with your contact information if they require any additional information.

Using this format will help keep your cover letter focused on the facts (your research and the tasks you have completed,) instead of feeling like you are tooting your own horn.

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Lashay’s Answer

To begin have your name, address including city and state along with contact info at the top sort of in a listed format to the left of the page. Then include the date that you are writing the letter. After that put the address of the company, using the same format as your address, you can address it to Human Resources. Then include a salutation "Dear Hiring Committee:" or "Dear Hiring Manager:"

In the first paragraph, explain your purpose for writing the letter..."to express my interest in the position of......" Then include the job title and position number. After that sentence, inform of where you found the job. Finally, discuss, in one sentence, what attracted you to it and what you can offer...."I can use my skills, education, and experience in this position."

In the second paragraph, detail your skills, experiences and education that you can use in the position based on the job description (heavily use the job description to help in writing the letter). Assure them that you understand what they're asking for then be honest and clear with what you've done that's similar.

To end the letter, third paragraph, thank them for their time and consideration. Then welcome the opportunity to further discuss your qualifications and interest. Close with offer for them to contact you with any questions. (You can switch order of sentences in last paragraph.


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Good luck!

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Andria’s Answer

I think knowing what you are applying for is key to writing a cover letter. you need to have balance of what you can bring to the table with your skills that will work within the company and you need to toot your own horn a little. Not to much as that can be condisending however if you dont toot your horn at all you wont stand out. I think a cover letter is all about balance. do your homework on the company and why you feel you are the right person for the job.

it will help you when you get interviewed as well.

good luck