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Aleeciah R.’s Avatar
Aleeciah R. Nov 08 57 views

What are good jobs in the rock-science field?

I have liked learning stuff about geodes,crystals etc. and I wanna know more about those types of job fields, I only know of Geology but i'm not entirely sure I wanna be a Geologist geology science...


dennis S.’s Avatar
dennis S. Mar 14, 2018 480 views

Should I major in computer science information or computer animations?

I love both subjects very much, but due to costs I can’t do both. I love animating and filming, but I’m not sure if i’m qualified enough for the industry. For computer science, I love it too, but I tend to struggle at times when learning or applyingrg knowledge. Animations...

film computerscienceinformation frames help elonmusk disney technology programming

Ellie W.’s Avatar
Ellie W. Sep 27, 2020 346 views

How did you know what you wanted to do with your life?

I've almost done with college, I've taken plenty of courses, and I've had time to explore. I still have no idea what I'm going to be doing after I graduate. Where do I even start? career-path career...


isabella C.’s Avatar
isabella C. Aug 21 132 views

Best fast food joints To work at for first jobs

I was wondering what chains are best to work at when your hunting for your first job, or just jobs that don’t take much to get started in. I’ve been looking around and I’m still not sure as I have a while before I can get one. One that’s not too high stress but enough to help learn how to...

career job-search

isabella C.’s Avatar
isabella C. Mar 19 372 views

What are the best first jobs to get at 16-18

I’m looking to find out what are the best mainstream first jobs with a good work environment that are easy to work in and are good for first time workers. Like highest pay, ones that give you the most experience, but not too high pressure or high stress environments. Thanks! :) work...


Justin W.’s Avatar
Justin W. May 25, 2016 421 views

What kind of jobs are there for someone that majors in mathematics?

I want to know if I'm able to get a good job for this major. I don't want to make a mistake, and I like math....


Destiny W.’s Avatar
Destiny W. Aug 14, 2018 476 views

What’s the best way to improve on your writing skills ex. Essay

I normally don’t struggle to write, because once I have and idea it all goes fine. I just have trouble coming up with new and exciting things to write about when it comes to personal essays, college essays etc. if you know of any good way to improve my writing as far as vocabulary or formatting...

creative-writing journalism author writing general

Kristen K.’s Avatar
Kristen K. Mar 31, 2017 1086 views

How do I prepare for a Skype interview?

The only interviews I've ever done have been in person, and a company in a different state wants to interview me via Skype. In what ways is this interview going to be different than in-person interviews? What's the best place to set up my computer for this interview? college career...

skype job-application interview

Rita O.’s Avatar
Rita O. Jun 17, 2016 597 views

As a junior in high school how can I choose a career involved with helping people such as healthcare(a doctor) without limiting my possible career options?

I have a passion for helping and advising people and seeing them get better, I'm strongly about attracted to healthcare but science and math are my weakest subjects which a good doctor would need to be strong in. I'm more interested in the patient care send administration aspects of healthcare....

career-advice writer pre-med doctor helping-others pediatrician

precious R.’s Avatar
precious R. Oct 23, 2016 527 views

what are some colleges i should be looking at that has a good biomedical engineering program?

want to become a bio medical engineer. but is it a risky career? should i got into something else that would bring me into this field. im very interested in going into a major that has to deal with biology. - cells, genetics. etc biology biomedical-engineering biomedical...


Shannon D.’s Avatar
Shannon D. Jan 17, 2018 458 views

What is the best way to find a roomate your freshman year?

Many people pick roommates from Facebook and I am not sure if this a good method or not. college housing student-housing dorm college-advice...


Kristen K.’s Avatar
Kristen K. Apr 12, 2017 1188 views
dennis S.’s Avatar
dennis S. Mar 14, 2018 677 views

Where can I get an internship for my intended major of Computer Science and Information?

I really want to pursue a career involving computer information science, specifically artificial intelligence and data analytics. The reason why i’m asking is due to a hard time finding internships I qualify for. ArtificialIntelligence ComputerScience ComputerInformation Data DataAnalytics...

information interships

Naeema M.’s Avatar
Naeema M. May 12, 2016 589 views

Since nursing will be my major, what type of classes should I have more in

I am dedicated and always ready to do what my heart has longed for. I also care about what I'm doing even if it doesn't turn and seem to be accurate. I know by choosing the right classes that will give me a bright idea of my future goals. doctor nursing physician social-work...

principal pyschology healthcare-it guidance-counselor

Sarah A.’s Avatar
Sarah A. Mar 16, 2018 392 views

What are things that graduate schools want to see in an application?

How can you improve CV's or personal statements? What experiences improve one's chance of getting into grad school. What GPA/classes are expected? gradschool gpa classes personal-statements...


Ciara G.’s Avatar
Ciara G. May 16, 2018 399 views

What kind of experience are photography magazines looking for?

I know what I want to do specifically but I am not sure what I will need for my future after college and beyond a degree. Are there any characteristics that business's are looking for? Do I need to have multiple connections in order to get a foot in the door? futurejob experience nationalgeo...

photography photojournalism art

Haylee G.’s Avatar
Haylee G. Mar 23 199 views

In what ways can you get yourself involved in a hospital setting during COVID?

Hello! I am Haylee and currently a first year student majoring in Health Sciences. I want to either become and Occupational Therapist in the pediatrics department or a Speech Pathologist! I want to start becoming more involved within the medical field so I can have more experience and get my...


Jessamee M.’s Avatar
Jessamee M. Apr 02 175 views

Which University has a better Marine Biology program, Texas A&M or University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

I'm looking into both at the moment and I was wondering which university has the better program with more opportunities. marinebiology biology college hawaii program...


isabella C.’s Avatar
isabella C. Feb 17 159 views

How do you get started in real estate? Is it a good career?

I'm still in middle school, yet I have already had a plan since elementary. I was wondering what exact types of education and or classes, I would have to take in collage to buy real estate, flip it, and sell. If so how much do you make for the first few years, would it be good to have a...

career business estate

Kristen K.’s Avatar
Kristen K. Apr 04, 2017 918 views

How do I write a meaningful cover letter?

I'm having problems drafting cover letters for potential employers. I don't know how to start the letter in order to grab their attention, and I don't know how to talk about myself without sounding like I'm tooting my own horn a little too much. Any advice would be appreciated! college...

career cover-letters

Jeremy B.’s Avatar
Jeremy B. Jun 11, 2018 488 views

Is it necessary to minor in chemistry if I am interested in the criminal forensic laboratory field?

Hello, I am a current student at Xavier University located in Cincinnati, Ohio (Go Muskies!). I am double major in criminal justice and psychology and will hope to complete Xavier University with a bachelor degree in science. With my immense passion for justice, I want to take my bachelor...

scholarship financialaid lab psychology studentloan laboratory fafsa 1kscholarship jesuitcollege chemistry xavieru criminaljustice musketeer criminal science lowincome xavieruniveristy

Ream G.’s Avatar
Ream G. Mar 26, 2018 471 views

How useful is it to go to an elite university for undergraduate school?

I know some of the best universities in the country are usually really expensive and competitive. I am planning on going to medical school and am wondering if it is worth it to go to an elite university for undergraduate school or is it better to go to a smaller name school where I would have a...

college undergraduate graduate-school

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