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Hunter Dec 06, 2023 175 views

BBest colleges and majors?

What would be the best architectural colleges? What would be the best majors if I wanted to be a historical restoration architect?

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Hunter Dec 05, 2023 151 views

Advice to get involved in politics ?

As a high school freshman student what would be the best advice to get in politics like volunteering, and internships in Ohio? How to go about doing that?

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Hunter Oct 31, 2023 183 views


Where to find the best internship opportunities for historic restoration architect in high school.

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Hunter Oct 30, 2023 179 views

Historic restoration architecture education path ?

I am interested in a career in historic restoration architecture. But would the best education path best fit that career ?

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Hunter Oct 29, 2023 224 views

Collage majors

If I double majored in architecture and American history and Minor in political science would that be the best?