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Amy H. May 24, 2016 541 views

How hard is it to be an event planner?

I'm asking because I'm not sure if I want to spend my whole college career trying to become an event planner if it is not something I'm up to the challenge for!...


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Katelyn Y. Jan 26, 2017 664 views

What degrees should you get to become an Event Planner?

My sister is attempting to get a career in Event Planning. What degrees should she look to get to pursue the career she wants? A friend told her she should look to get a Communications degree, is this true? How does that help? #communications #communication #event-planning...

#coordinating-events #communication-skills #event-management

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Amelia M. Feb 08, 2017 630 views

To be an event planner, should I work for an event planning business or directly with a certain company that would use my services?

I'm a senior in high school and I'm looking into event planning as a potential career path. I have taken multiple business, marketing, and economics classes, and plan on pursuing something similar in college. Socializing, organization, and problem management are strengths of mine and event...

#event-planning #business #corporate-events #event-management #freelance

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W. C. Y. Mar 21, 2017 431 views

Will it be hard for me to pursue a postgraduate degree which is not related to my major in undergraduate?

Hello! I would like to try out something new when I study for my postgraduate degree. Will it be hard for me to get admitted if I choose to study on a subject which is not related to my current major like Journalism or creative media? If I want to get admitted, is it better for me to prepare...


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Krystal H. Mar 30, 2017 2030 views

What do you do if you're a senior in college and you still don't know what you want to do with your degree?

I have a bachelor's of science degree in psychology. I'm pretty hesitant about getting my masters for a couple of reasons. For one, I don't know what I want. And two, it's really expensive. I've looked at a lot of jobs, but nothing in this field is really catching my eye. I love to do research...

#clinical-psychology #hospital #life-coach #clinical-research #internships #psychology #internship

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Kristen K. Apr 04, 2017 817 views

How do I write a meaningful cover letter?

I'm having problems drafting cover letters for potential employers. I don't know how to start the letter in order to grab their attention, and I don't know how to talk about myself without sounding like I'm tooting my own horn a little too much. Any advice would be appreciated! #college...

#cover-letters #career

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Sean J. Apr 11, 2017 508 views

How do I set up connections?

Who do I reach out to for connections? Do I just go from professor to professor?...


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Galina B. Apr 12, 2017 570 views

How important is choosing a minor for political science?

I am a senior in high school planning on majoring in political science to possibly obtain a combined BA in Political Science with a Master's in Public Administration. I want to choose a minor that is highly employable but I am unsure which course to take. I love history and philosophy but I am...

#journalism #college #history #political-science #college-minor #career #economics