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Galina Apr 14, 2017 1540 views

How can I effectively use LinkedIn if I do not have many real-life connections?

I am a high school student and I created a LinkedIn account two years ago but I do not have much on my profile and only 4 connections. I am in school most of the time, so I do not have a lot of work or volunteering experience. My town is small and not a lot of people I associate with have a...

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Galina Apr 14, 2017 806 views

What do I go about writing a thank you letter to a scholarship committee?

I am a senior in high school and I recently won a scholarship and want to write a thank you letter or card to the foundation. Should this be a short thank you of only a few sentences? I have not worked with this foundation nor do I know much about it, but I want to write a genuine thank you...

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Galina Apr 14, 2017 4700 views

Do colleges allow you to create your own major or minor if they do not offer the one you want?

I am thinking about minoring in statistics but that minor is not listed on my college's website. Do some colleges allow students to create their own minor using classes that the school offers? Does it vary depending on the college? #college #college-major #majors-and-minors

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Galina Apr 14, 2017 1105 views

Are there any things that you must do the summer before you go to college?

I am a senior who will be graduating in June. I already sent in most of my enrollment forms to my college and registered for freshman orientation. Is there anything else essential I should be doing this summer to prepare for my first semester of college? Is it highly recommended to intern or...

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Galina Apr 14, 2017 930 views

Is there a limit on study-abroads and internships?

This is a silly question I have. Is there a limit to the amount of semesters a college student can study abroad or intern? Is it different for every college? Do you know of anyone who went on a lot of study abroads or internships? #college #internships #study-abroad

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Galina Apr 14, 2017 1929 views

Language: Self Study or take classes?

I will be entering college soon and I really want to learn French. For a few months I have been self studying with online resources because my my high school does not offer the language. I believe that my college only offers courses in beginners French and I do not know if I should take these...

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Galina Apr 12, 2017 1221 views

Am I wasting my time applying to national scholarships I found online?

Since the beginning of my senior year I have been using websites like cappex and fastweb to find scholarships to apply to. All of the scholarships are online and seem to be national. Is it worth applying to these? Do a lot of students apply to these? Should I be searching elsewhere for local...

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Galina Apr 12, 2017 951 views

How important is choosing a minor for political science?

I am a senior in high school planning on majoring in political science to possibly obtain a combined BA in Political Science with a Master's in Public Administration. I want to choose a minor that is highly employable but I am unsure which course to take. I love history and philosophy but I am...