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Am I wasting my time applying to national scholarships I found online?

Asked Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Since the beginning of my senior year I have been using websites like cappex and fastweb to find scholarships to apply to. All of the scholarships are online and seem to be national. Is it worth applying to these? Do a lot of students apply to these? Should I be searching elsewhere for local and state scholarships? #college #scholarships #online

2 answers

Mark’s Answer

Updated Plymouth, Minnesota

Short Answer: Maybe

One thing about National Scholarships is that there will always be multiple applicants, but there will also usually be a limited number because people are discouraged just as you are and don't want to waste their time. It comes down to whether or not you have financial need. If you do not (your parents make >$100K/you have money) then they will always choose a qualified candidate who has financial need. If you do have a financial need then it is definitely worth your time. I have a lot of friends who were able to get smaller national scholarships to help pay for school because there are so many scholarships out there and some will get overlooked by a majority of applicants making them easier to win. Just think of it as a numbers game, yours chances get better with each one you apply for!

And be sure to focus on local scholarships as they are your best chances. Plus, the largest scholarships come from your school, so be sure to apply to multiple places and see what each school is offering to get you to go there.

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Galina!

Applying for scholarships is fine, but don't expect to find something that you can depend upon to pay for your schooling. There may be something out there that will help, but it is also good to look into such other areas as internships and coop programs that will allow you to earn and learn as you go through school. Here is a good site: http://www.fastweb.com/

Best of luck! Many of us used a variety of ways to get through college.

Let me know if this is of help.