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How can I get more scholarships?

Asked Provo, Utah

I am going to #graduate-school #online and working at the same time. It is getting really difficult to find #scholarships that I can apply for. Where can I find more?

2 answers

Shaun’s Answer

Updated Frisco, Texas
I have 2 children graduating high school and we have been using Fast Web for scholarship information. I have also had the kids just Google topics that interest them and have found luck that way. Apply for scholarships that require a written portion, then save what you wrote and tweak it for another scholarship. There is lots of free money out there...you have to be dedicated to finding it and applying!

Ginny’s Answer

Updated Plano, Texas

I would recommend talking to your school counselor for ideas. I would contact the schools you are interested in to speak to admin. I would also google to see what you are eligible to apply for.