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Posted on Dec 25, 2016

I want to be working in the computer science industry preferably in the Los Angeles area or the Bay Area (San Francisco) as a secondary choice in location. However, I am also interested in business management. A nice mix of the two, in something such as business analysis would be nice.

Context: Growing up, I always saw my dad working (he was a website developer) and I just thought it was the coolest thing. Around the 5th grade, I started building my own computer. Now, I'm just really interested in working on cool software that makes amazing programs people enjoy.
College: My dream college is UCLA. However, I'm also interested in USC and Pepperdine. I've been into UCLA mostly because it was the golden standard growing up in LA. I do acknowledge it's computer science and business programs may not be #1 but financially it is a good fit for me as well. For USC, they have a good research program that lets you work on current programs that lets you have real experience in the computer science field. Also, they have a good recruitment opportunity, with big companies often giving internship opportunities. For Pepperdine, they have a really good business program (my Uncle went there) that I'm interested in.
Other Education: I plan on getting a Masters degree.
Activities: I've currently been a part of the United States Academic Decathlon program at John Marshall High School. The amount of work required for just making the team let alone competing has given me a good sense of what the college workload is like.
Job Experience: The only previous experience I've had have been volunteering mostly with kids and one other where I did a lot of data entry. I'm hoping to get an internship directly related to my field sometime during the summer (2017) before I start college.
Soft Skills: Some soft skills I have are time management, good relations, leadership, and willingness to learn. I manage time well, planning the day out with Google calendar and just in general, being motivated to get my work done. I'd say I have good relations, as I have been able to work in the past with people who have been "unworkable." I am able to lead any group of individuals as I am not afraid to be the one that steps on other people's toes to get them in line. Finally, my willingness to learn has been evident especially in the past year as I have been unafraid to rely on my peers and ask for help on topics they have been working on for quite some time while I have been only recently exposed to the topic.
Hard Skills: I am fluent in Korean, have basic computer skills, and know basic micro and macro economics.
Other: N/A #computer-science #internships #college-admissions #business-management #college-bound #business-development #business-analysis

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Sean J. Apr 11, 2017 455 views

How do I set up connections?

Who do I reach out to for connections? Do I just go from professor to professor?...


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Sean J. Apr 03, 2017 513 views

What do you do in Community College?

Due to financial situations, I will most likely be going to either Santa Monica, LA, or Pasadena Community College. However, I do not want to waste time and make sure I spend time making sure i can transfer into UCLA during my 3rd year. What should I do to make sure I'm setting up my future?...

#college #college-bound

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Sean J. Jan 31, 2017 376 views

How to set up recommendations?

How do you get the connections to get jobs and internships?...


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Sean J. Jan 19, 2017 619 views

Are AP tests worth taking?

I was told that as a senior in high school, AP Classes won't really help you for college as your applications are already processed and it's better to take the actual classes in college instead of trying to skip them by passing the AP Exams. #college #college-admissions #college-bound...


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Sean J. Jan 01, 2017 498 views

What would be the best way to mix Business and Computer Science interests?

I'm currently interested in majoring in both of them and am wondering how I would be able to mix the two of them. #college #computer-science #business #career...


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Sean J. Dec 29, 2016 561 views

What are some ways of getting connections while you're in college?

Making connections is very important and something everyone should be doing. Not sure how and where to start networking though. #university #internships #college-bound...


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Sean J. Dec 26, 2016 1811 views

Would saving money and going to a community college for two years be acceptable?

I've been told that doing this is perfectly fine yet a lot of people are also telling me that the first two years of going to a University is where you make all the meaningful connections you will be needing for your career. #college #university #college-admissions...


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Sean J. Dec 25, 2016 685 views

What are some ways of getting experience in Computer Science (an internship) before college without having prior knowledge on how to code and other sorts of knowledge relevant in the field?

I'm currently in 12th grade and looking for internships but a majority require some knowledge and usually require you to already have a Bachelors. I'm trying to get experience before I enter college and is hard to do so I'll have a better understanding as I take the Computer Science course....

#technology #internships #computer-science