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How to write a statement of purpose when applying to college programs?

I am applying to a post-baccalaureate medical program which requires a pre-application including a statement of 'what prompted your desire to pursue medicine now.' Is there a formula for writing these statements? Should I write it like a cover letter? Should I be creative and tell a story? What information is key to include and NOT to include? #college #graduate-school #college-bound #writing #cover-letters #personal-statements

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2 answers

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matthew’s Answer

First paragraph: a brief introduction about you, education history/career history and about your area of specialization.
Second paragraph: your experience and accomplishments in this area in relation to your skills and expertise. Also, clearly state why you have chosen that research area and what fostered your interest in this area of specialization.
Third paragraph: explain why you have chosen to apply to the faculty, to that department and to that school at large...you can buttress this by mentioning some faculty members you've read about or their research that have read about.
fourth paragraph: closing remark/conclusion.

Note: this must have a heading...in some cases, it can be in the form of a formal letter with the address of the school and you.

Thank you so much for your answer! Jackie G.

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Susan E.’s Answer

With a letter like this, you want to market yourself. That means playing up to your strengths. Whatever feels most comfortable for you to write it out. The point is not to try to be like other people but be yourself. You really want to highlight what makes you worthy for this program of study and your experiences. Those are going to be the most important.