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Jackie Feb 21, 2017 917 views

How often does one relocate for jobs?

I was told that with the poor job market, it is common for people to move to where jobs are available, rather than looking for jobs near their current location. Is this true? #college #career #job #relocation

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Jackie Feb 09, 2017 759 views

Do you need to major in education to teach?

Or can you simply be considered with a BS/MS in a field to be an expert and thus, be qualified to teach? #college #teaching

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Jackie Feb 09, 2017 694 views

Is it worth it to volunteer abroad?

Do you have any experiences doing so? #volunteering #abroad #volunteer-abroad

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Jackie Feb 09, 2017 854 views

How is a science GPA calculated?

What classes are considered? How do they know which classes to categorize in a science GPA? #college #graduate-school #veterinary #classes #college-applications #gpa #bcpm-gpa #science-gpa

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Jackie Feb 09, 2017 1077 views

What is a 'good salary' in the USA?

I've never had to worry about money before, fortunately. However, I have been told that I need to consider my future salary when choosing a career path. #college #career #money #job #salary #money-management #financial-planning

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Jackie Feb 06, 2017 1647 views

Is having a career possible without attending college?

Do you have to go to college to be successful? #college #career

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Jackie Feb 06, 2017 1812 views

Is there a negative stigma with online degrees?

Are online degrees and certificates looked down upon or considered less than traditional education? #college #degrees #online-learning #online-college

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Jackie Feb 06, 2017 569 views

How are classes organized in Europe?

Considering studying abroad in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Lithuania--how are classes run? Do classes have a list of assessments that grades are based off of, like in the US (quizzes, homework, exams)? #college #study-abroad

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Jackie Feb 06, 2017 1036 views

How can I make myself a stellar employee?

What sorts of qualities set one employee from another? What habits and attitudes make a good employee? #college #career #jobs #resume

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Jackie Feb 02, 2017 651 views

Are there any good websites that let you "search" degree types?

Maybe one that lets you select your interests and it generates possible degree types (majors or specializations) similar to it?

If this doesn't exist, careervillage should make a start-up! #college #science #college-major #graduate-school #interest #thesis

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Jackie Feb 01, 2017 2811 views

Including high school accomplishments in a graduate school application?

I have not applied to graduate/veterinary school yet, but I am keeping a document of all of my accomplishments and experiences to refer to when I need them. I would like to include my study abroad experiences from high school (I studied abroad in 5 countries). I did not have the opportunity to...

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Jackie Jan 30, 2017 1031 views

At what time do I make the change from a resume to a C.V.?

I really don't have any publications (just some publication-hopeful projects), but most people are telling me that I should consider changing my resume to a C.V. What is the difference? From what I've read, it has a lot of room for publications, but that would be empty space for me. #college...

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Jackie Jan 30, 2017 1268 views

Do jobs really recruit you from LinkedIn?

I recently made a LinkedIn profile to the best of my ability. I would like to get it looked over by someone for advice on how to improve it, especially since I've heard that companies are apparently using online recruiters. #college #career #job-search #recruiting #linkedin

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Jackie Jan 30, 2017 1404 views

What are the general pros and cons of studying or volunteering abroad?

Studying abroad does not fit into my college plan of study. However, I am considering volunteering abroad. Yet, most of the experiences seem very costly. #college #internships #volunteering #international #study-abroad

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Jackie Jan 30, 2017 14956 views

Can you attend a college for a 'minor' without having a major?

What if you already have a major at another college, can you attend a separate college to get a minor? #college #college-major #minor