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Amanda C. Jul 17 92 views

What professions combine an interest in English and Environmental Studies?

I'm slightly more passionate about English than Environmental Studies because I'm not into STEM-heavy subjects and would prefer to not take STEM classes, so on the ES side I'd prefer something related to Environmental Studies instead of Environmental Science. I enjoy the sustainability part of...

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Isabella K. Jun 15 169 views

What are the possible careers one can pursue after majoring in environmental studies?

I am interested in studying environmental studies and dance in college and was wondering what careers others have pursued after earning a degree in environmental studies. How were you offered a job opportunity? What kind of resources were available to you during college that helped you prepare...

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Miwa S. Aug 18, 2018 292 views

Does a master's degree open up more job opportunities?

Majoring in Environmental Studies, will some sort of master's degree be worth it to have more job opportunities? #environmentalstudies #job...


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Miwa S. Aug 18, 2018 186 views

What kind of careers can I do with a major in Environmental Studies?

I want to major in Environmental Studies and study humanity's relationship with the natural environment, but what careers can I expect after college? #environmentalstudies...


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Emily G. Sep 01, 2017 1796 views

Which colleges/universities have programs in melittology (study of bees)?

I recently visited Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA, and became quite intrigued by this particular insect through the organization's one-day course. Although this is a specific subject, knowing some places that truly specialize in these pollinators would, without a doubt, help me an incredible...

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