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Career Questions tagged Female Lawyer

Nyasia’s Avatar
Nyasia Jun 01, 2021 305 views

What is it like in today’s generation to be a criminal justice lawyer?

#business-lawyer #lawyers #lawyer #female-lawyer #female-lawyer

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Nyasia Jun 01, 2021 670 views

What is the pros and cons about being a lawyer

#lawyer #business-lawyer #lawyers #attorney #female-lawyer

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enaj eyr Feb 12, 2021 255 views

how much is the salary of medical lawyer per month?


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Aleisha May 05, 2018 565 views

Is there still lots of discrimination in the legal workplace towards females?

I am asking because this has always bothered me, and especially if I am going to be a lawyer, the men will probably think they are smarter than me, but I am hoping to prove them wrong. #female-lawyer

Aleisha’s Avatar
Aleisha May 05, 2018 615 views

How much money does a lawyer make in the state of Indiana?

If I am an expert in my field of law; let us say family law, how much am I going to make in Indiana? #female-lawyer

Venese’s Avatar
Venese Apr 18, 2018 583 views

What is the best major to receive your bachelors in, if you want to go to law school after.

So I would love to be a lawyer one day. Since you have to do your undergrad first what do you suggest receiving your bachelors in. #law #female-lawyer #undergraduate #bachelorsdegree

Paola’s Avatar
Paola Jan 10, 2018 677 views

Is being a lawyer satisfactory?

I am a junior, and I am thinking about going into law and what it means to become a lawyer, so I want to know what actually is the feeling you get as you do the job you choose. #law #lawyer #female-lawyer #in-house-lawyer #job #women-in-law #criminal-justice #law-school

Mallory’s Avatar
Mallory Nov 16, 2017 981 views

How many years of Law School will I have to attend, to become a Lawyer?

I want to know all I can about law.
#female-lawyer #law #law-practice #lawyer

Nyquasha’s Avatar
Nyquasha Feb 09, 2017 696 views

How long you go too law school for being a lawyer ?

I don't wanna go to school no longer than 6years . #female-lawyer

bhoomika’s Avatar
bhoomika May 20, 2016 985 views

i am totally confused about which stream to take up in 12th.

I want to become a lawyer.i am interested in studying social science.I want to take up arts.But many advice me to take up science due to more career options. #science #law #lawyer #social #female-lawyer

PRIYA’s Avatar
PRIYA May 19, 2016 889 views


I AM STUDYING IN 12TH STANDARD. I WANT TO BECOME A LAWYER THIS IS MY CHILDHOOD DREAM. #lawyer #business-lawyer #female-lawyer #in-house-lawyer

Jamel’s Avatar
Jamel Mar 01, 2016 1583 views

I am interested in the Criminal Justice field and I want to become a lawyer, What qulifications do I need to make this happen?

I am a High School senior who is very interested in the law field. I know that I have to go to law school and take the Bar exam for my dream to come through. I have recently applied to John Jay college of Criminal Justice because I know that the focus a lot on the law field. I want to know in...