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I AM STUDYING IN 12TH STANDARD. I WANT TO BECOME A LAWYER THIS IS MY CHILDHOOD DREAM. #lawyer #business-lawyer #female-lawyer #in-house-lawyer

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Jenna’s Answer

First, graduate with good grades. Next, find schools, and apply to them. Once you get in, go and get good grades, as well as spending time volunteering or otherwise practicing the skills you are learning. After that, you'll have to pass some testing requirements, and then you'll need t o find a job or find clients if you are practicing on your own. Dreams are great, but they are no substitute for hard work. Keep it up so you can realize your dream!

Hi, Jenna! These are some really great tips for how to become a lawyer! You are so right about hard work. I had a couple of additional questions about some of these steps. 1.) What types of extracurriculars or experience are law schools looking for, and do you know what the average acceptance rate is for these types of schools? 2.) Do you have any tips for doing well on the LSAT (or other law-related tests internationally?) I've always wondered how to be prepared for this exam. 3.) Is there any chance you wouldn't mind sharing your own experience navigating some of these challenging stages in the process of entering the field of law? Or do you know someone who is training to become a lawyer right now? Thank you so much! Alexandra C.

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Richard’s Answer

Law school requires a degree from a 4 year university. Then you take the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) and apply to law school. Law school is three years. Then you take the Bar exam. Upon passing, you will be a lawyer.