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I am interested in the Criminal Justice field and I want to become a lawyer, What qulifications do I need to make this happen?

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I am a High School senior who is very interested in the law field. I know that I have to go to law school and take the Bar exam for my dream to come through. I have recently applied to John Jay college of Criminal Justice because I know that the focus a lot on the law field. I want to know in college if my possible Majors could be in Psychology or Political Science? I also want to know what your grades should be in college and in my last two quaters of high school so that I can be qualified for this type of job. #college-major #criminal-justice #criminal-law #female-lawyer

2 answers

Gabriel’s Answer


Hi Jamel,

You're asking great questions and it's clear you have a solid grasp on what you want to do. First, I would encourage you to review the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) website which well help to answer many of your questions. LSAC administers what's called the LSAT, Law School Admissions Test, which you'll eventually need to successfully complete before applying to law school.


You'll notice that A) You don't have to select a particular major B) There is no clear cut answer to getting admitted into a program.

Certainly picking Criminal Justice as your major wouldn't hurt, but remember that part completing any bachelor's degree will require you take electives. Some helpful electives would include courses in psychology, sociology, history, government, etc.

After you check out the LSAC website, I would encourage you to look at the law schools within the NYC area even if you are considering going to law school elsewhere. I tell you this because it will give you an idea of the acceptance criteria for each school. Acceptance is rarely ever about one thing. It's a combination of factors including your college GPA, LSAT scores, essays, interviews, and other factors.

Law schools in NYC:


By the way, your high school GPA will not play a factor in applying to law school only in applying to a college/university to earn your bachelor's degree.

Best of luck and please continue to post your questions on this forum!

Thank you very much!! This made everything so clear on how I should go about picking my major in college and what is required.
You're welcome. Best of luck to you!

Bianca’s Answer


Hi Jamel,

You can attend law school with any type of degree. I would suggest studying English, Math, Economics, or Computer Science. Law school and being a lawyer is more so about critical thinking and being able to write and communicate clearly and effectively. I was a psychology major and did just fine in law school.

In terms of grades and lsat scores, I suggest the LSAC website like the post above. However, regardless of admissions requirements strive to do your best in school and on the lsat. Good grades will allow for more academic and scholarship opportunities.

Also, if interested St. John's University has a great pre-law program for college sophomores. It allows you to take law school courses and study for the LSAT.