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Teal Apr 29, 2014 2002 views

How does studying abroad effect your career?

I'm a senior in high school and I am debating whether or not to study abroad and how it will impact my education for a career. I am considering majoring in theater or psychology, and I want to know how studying abroad will impact my studies. What are the benefits and drawbacks of studying in...

Jamel’s Avatar
Jamel Mar 01, 2016 1551 views

I am interested in the Criminal Justice field and I want to become a lawyer, What qulifications do I need to make this happen?

I am a High School senior who is very interested in the law field. I know that I have to go to law school and take the Bar exam for my dream to come through. I have recently applied to John Jay college of Criminal Justice because I know that the focus a lot on the law field. I want to know in...

Safa’s Avatar
Safa May 05, 2016 668 views

Should I continue to pursue a career in something I'm highly interested in if there aren't going to be a lot of jobs out there in the future? Do you think criminal justice is a good major?

I'm looking into the criminal justice field because I want to pursue a career as a homicide detective, private investigator, or a special agent. I'm in need of an insight in that field because I have no one else to turn to. Thank you. #criminal-justice

Eric’s Avatar
Eric May 06, 2016 1092 views

I am interested in becoming a lawyer. Is it a good idea to start studying some basic laws to help prepare me for the bar exam?

I am an 8th grader starting to think about what I want to do in the future. I like how lawyers get to dress up very nice to work and also the thought of helping someone with legal trouble sounds like a great job. #attorney #lawyers

Jaylen’s Avatar
Jaylen May 07, 2016 612 views

What is the most important thing to acquire in college, before having a real job?

I'm Jaylen and I am majoring in Exercise Science. Hopefully switching to the Pre-Med program after my freshmen year. Out of all the characteristics like flexibility, leadership, patience, etc. which one is the most important to acquire before having a real job? I just want to be prepared and...

Johana’s Avatar
Johana May 10, 2016 901 views

Is it true that you can get any degree and get accepted into law school?

I am planning to be a lawyer and my friend told me this and I wanted to see if it was true. #law

Mohammed’s Avatar
Mohammed May 10, 2016 927 views

How to pass a interview?

I am nervous.

Jahayra’s Avatar
Jahayra Apr 13, 2016 1007 views

What are some tips on becoming a lawyer what can I do in high school to help?

I asked this question because i want to be a lawyer and im in debate so im interested in law #law #lawyer #lawyers