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Career Questions tagged Criminal Defense

Ro’s Avatar
Ro Aug 08, 2022 291 views

i'm going into eleventh grade and am considering becoming a criminal trial lawyer. what should i expect from the career?

last year in my english class, we read a book about a jury trying to come to a unanimous vote followed by a class trial based on a real case and i found it fascinating, it was my favorite unit of the class. thinking about it further made me think that maybe being a criminal trial lawyer could...

Addie’s Avatar
Addie Mar 11, 2022 290 views

How can I decide between becoming a defense lawyer or the prosecution.

I don't know how to decide between defense and prosecution, what are some push/pulls or pros/cons?

Nyasia’s Avatar
Nyasia Jun 01, 2021 484 views

How is BAR test ? Is it easy to pass and if you fail what do you do next?

The BAR exam is something I hear a lot when I hear lawyer. What if you foot pass the exam? What is the next move ? #lawyer #attorney #criminal-defense

mishaye’s Avatar
mishaye Apr 14, 2021 444 views

What is the process of becoming an attorney in illinois?

#criminal-law #criminal-defense #lawyers

Azandia’s Avatar
Azandia Feb 21, 2017 1020 views

Is Harvard ALWAYS the best place to go to college to be a lawyer

Is it really always best #law #lawyer #criminal-defense

Hafsah’s Avatar
Hafsah May 17, 2016 1045 views

What are the main things I should know before becoming a Criminal Defense Attorney?

My career choice is to become a criminal defense attorney but I would like to know some insight in the career before I go and peruse it. #law #attorney #criminal #information #new #criminal-defense #defense #main

Hafsah’s Avatar
Hafsah May 17, 2016 865 views

Is Criminal Defense Attorney a rewarding job?

I would like to become a Criminal Defense attorney and I just want to learn more about the career. #career #law #school #attorney #criminal #criminal-defense #prosecution

consuelo’s Avatar
consuelo May 17, 2016 675 views

I heard public defenders are really underpaid compared to lawyers, is that true?

I want to be a public defender but could reconsider - I heard pay is little and workload is really big #lawyer #attorney #criminal-defense

consuelo’s Avatar
consuelo May 16, 2016 1729 views

Do public defenders have the same requirement as lawyers (Bar exam, etc) ?

Aren't they technically government employees? Does that require any extra effort or tasks? #lawyer #attorney #criminal-defense

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Apr 15, 2016 865 views

What kind of jobs can someone who majors in Criminal Justice get?

I am a sophomore at Boston Collegiate Charter School and I am interested in Criminal Justice. Besides careers like police officer or federal agents, what kind of jobs can I get? #criminal-justice #criminal #criminal-defense

lindsay’s Avatar
lindsay Mar 02, 2016 1287 views

Does taking the multi state bar exam give you more options?

When I was looking up bar exams I found that they had multi state exam and from what I know is that when you take the test is that you are not pressured to work in a specific state. And I was just wondering if it is better to take a bar exam for a specific state or is it better to take the...

Aiyana’s Avatar
Aiyana Mar 02, 2016 988 views

What career can I be in my favor, since I passion for fixing the criminal justice system and being able to help people by listen to them and understanding their mindset behind their actions?

My name is Aiyana, I am a senior in high school, who struggled but later on understood my mindset and what caused me to struggle to change. Through overcoming and reflexing I learned a lot about myself and that lead me to build a passion to help other who are in need for help and someone to...