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What career can I be in my favor, since I passion for fixing the criminal justice system and being able to help people by listen to them and understanding their mindset behind their actions?

My name is Aiyana, I am a senior in high school, who struggled but later on understood my mindset and what caused me to struggle to change. Through overcoming and reflexing I learned a lot about myself and that lead me to build a passion to help other who are in need for help and someone to just listen to their problems. I am also on the debate team at my school and have a passion for arguing and finding justice in what's unfair by giving each person their fair dues. Fixing the broken criminal justice system is very complex and difficult, however I believe it can and needs to be fixed. Understanding the system I realized that their is valid evidence for everything and investigating is something that I am good at making me love criminology and Forensic science the evidence can not lie and I like to have proof or reason to understand the situation. I will be starting college in the fall of 2016 and I'll be majoring in Psychology as a starting point for me. I am asking this question because I have researched and it not likely for me to find a job right after college in the field that I am. I also want to combine the things I love doing to benefit me in the future. #criminology #forensic-psychology #criminal-defense

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1 answer

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Lauren’s Answer

Hi Aiyana,

You are already on the right track by selecting psychology as your undergraduate major. I think you could take two routes after college to pursue your interests. If you are interested in reforming the system and making a difference in policy, you could pursue a Master's degree in Public Policy. If you are interested in helping those that are connected to the criminal justice system and making a difference in lives or the community, you could pursue a Master's degree in Social Work. I suggest looking into each of these graduate degrees and sample courses to see which would align better with your goals.

All the best,

Thank you comment icon Thank I will look more into it. Aiyana