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What kind of jobs can someone who majors in Criminal Justice get?

Asked Boston, Massachusetts

I am a sophomore at Boston Collegiate Charter School and I am interested in Criminal Justice. Besides careers like police officer or federal agents, what kind of jobs can I get? #criminal-justice #criminal #criminal-defense

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Tina’s Answer

Updated Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Hi! I received my associate's and bachelor's degrees in criminal justice (most definitely long before your were born!) but here is what you can do with this degree: first, as you stated, you could become a police officer; you could also become a correctional guard or, like in my case, you could attend law school after you receive your degree and become an attorney. If you like the idea of law but not the idea of law school, you could try for a paralegal certificate (much cheaper) and work side-by-side with attorneys pretty much doing what they do except for attending court. I really hope that this helped and good luck with whatever you decide!!!