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What are the steps to take in order to become a coroner?


I am interested in cadaver an would like to pursue a career to be a coroner. I have a strong interest in science and is planning to major in biology. I am quiet and like to make observations. I would like to know more about the steps that is needed for this career.

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2 answers

SWarner’s Answer

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Coroners or medical examiners are almost always employed by local governments (usually cities). It's often the case that you are required to be a medical doctor, but that isn't always the case and depends on local laws and how competitive the market for jobs is. Here's one possible path: go to college and make sure you satisfy the requirements for "pre-med" along with a minor in law or criminal justice, then take the MCATs and apply to medical school, and complete medical school with a training in forensic pathology. You'll do a "residency" after Med school, perhaps in pathology. By this point, you should already have some ideas of the jurisdictions in which you would like to work, and should be able to know exactly what legal requirements you will need to satisfy. You may have to be licensed, which requires studying for and completing a test or series of tests. You may be required to complete special training administered by the local jurisdiction.

This is an interesting question for a young person to ask. I don't know that your quietness has any bearing on being a coroner, but being observant will certainly be valuable. You must have excellent attention to detail, as being thorough and having proper documentation is extremely important. You will also have to speak periodically with the families of the deceased, so having some sensitivity to that would be good.

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Amanda’s Answer

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Seeking a career as a coroner or medical examiner is a very ambitious career choice. While most medical examiners work for state or local governments, this is not always the case. To become a medical examiner it is recommended that you receive an undergraduate degree in some form of science including biology, chemistry, or in the fields of pre-med. Once you achieve your undergraduate degree you can take the MCAT.

Successful completion and passing of the MCAT is essential for admittance into medical school where you will complete roughly 3 years of schooling to become a medical doctor. Once you are a medical doctor you will need to take a two to four year residency in the pathology department before you are eligible to become a pathology assistant. After so many years you can achieve the role or career as a medical examiner. Good luck.