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Vivian Apr 11, 2013 2732 views

Internship in the Science Field

I am a high school senior that is strongly interested in science. Summer is coming up and I was wondering where can I find internship related to medical field. I am interested in anything from doing research, working in the lab, learning surgical techniques, forensic science, or science and...

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Vivian Apr 10, 2013 1396 views

How similar is the career being a doctor and a coroner?

I am interested in becoming a doctor, but also hold a great interested in the profession of coroner. If I was to go through the whole medical school process and decided that I want to be a coroner instead would I be still able to change my career path? Better yet how can I explore both of these...

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Vivian Apr 10, 2013 1542 views

What are the steps to take in order to become a coroner?

I am interested in cadaver an would like to pursue a career to be a coroner. I have a strong interest in science and is planning to major in biology. I am quiet and like to make observations. I would like to know more about the steps that is needed for this career. #healthcare...